Capabilities to meet your production needs

Whether you’re looking for one custom piece or a thousand machined parts, Abbott Plastics is committed to delivering the highest quality of the product. Our state-of-the-art processes and extensive engineering experience ensure that our customers receive the exact products that meet their unique specifications and needs. From our advanced CNC machine shop to our real-time data collection tracking system, we are equipped to produce the most complex parts from engineered polymers on close tolerance equipment.


From small to large volume runs we use CNC milling machines in order to meet your quality expectations and specifications. Our CNC milling capabilities and lean manufacturing processes provide us with production flexibility and efficiency.


Our in-house CNC machining capabilities ensure that our customers receive consistent, quality plastic products. Abbott Plastics uses advanced CNC routing technologies that create custom plastic components from a sheet.


Our team of skilled machinists utilizes state-of-the-art CNC equipment specifically engineered to meet your complex external geometries and internal bores with high speeds and advanced quality. Our turning capacity is available for prototypes to high-volume production.


Precision die-cutting is a process of converting sheets or rolls of non-metallic materials into custom gaskets and other die-cut parts with speed, uniformity, and accuracy.


Plastic welding is a means of fastening together similar pieces of material without the use of solvents or mechanical fasteners. Properly welded plastic results in the joined pieces fused at the molecular level creating a joint that is stronger than the base material.


Abbott Plastics’ panel saws allows us to quickly and accurately cut the raw plastic stock to the needed specifications for your job. Our expert team of machinists is capable of processing large volumes of material at a fraction of the time.