Now Over 40 Years!


Dedicated to Excellence. Committed to Service.

For over 40 years, Abbott Plastics has excelled in unmatched customer service and industry-leading products to become the premier choice for plastics and machined plastic parts.

ISO 9001:2015 certified and headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, Abbott carries an extensive inventory of plastic rod, sheet, and tube for quick turnaround and delivery. We also have a variety of outside resources to help in meeting our customer demands. Abbott Plastics is the leader in machined and fabricated parts serving a wide scope of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Dairy, Medical, Food Processing, Packaging, and Plating, just to name a few.


Capabilities to meet your production needs

Whether you’re looking for one custom piece or a thousand machined parts, Abbott Plastics is committed to delivering the highest quality of product. Our state-of-the-art processes and extensive engineering experience ensure that our customers receive the exact products that meet their unique specifications and needs. From our advanced CNC machine shop to our real-time data collection tracking system, we are equipped to produce the most complex parts from engineered polymers on close tolerance equipment.

CNC Milling

At Abbott Plastics, we know that your business might require more than one solution in order to get the job done. Our CNC milling capabilities provide us with more production flexibility and an economical alternative to routing when you have smaller parts or smaller quantities.

CNC Routing

Our in-house CNC machining capabilities ensure that our customers receive consistent, quality plastic products. That’s why Abbott Plastics uses advanced CNC routing technologies that create custom plastic components from sheet, or we can machine and trim parts created from other operations.

CNC Turning

As an expert in plastic fabrication, our team of highly-skilled machinists utilizes state-of-the-art CNC equipment specifically engineered to meet your fabrication needs. Our turning centers control the tightest of customer requirements and deliver some of the finest turned components in the plastics industry.

CNC Sawing

Abbott Plastic’s CNC Panel saws allow us to quickly and accurately cut the raw plastic stock to the needed specifications for your job. Our expert team of machinists is capable of processing large volumes of material at a fraction of the time.

Die Cutting

Abbott Plastics has the capability to custom die cut your plastic application. Die cutting is normally faster and more cost-effective than other cutting or trimming processes, however certain quality trade-offs are often made. By working with your Abbott Plastics sales representative, you can decide if plastic die cutting is the right application for your parts.


At Abbott Plastics, our services go beyond CNC routing, milling, turning, and sawing. We offer a wide range of custom plastic services designed to meet your product needs and expectations. Together with our sales and operations team, we will work closely with you to understand your desired end product and to ensure that the most efficient and effective operating measures are used. Your custom fabricated plastic product begins and ends at Abbott Plastics.

Plastic Welding

At Abbott Plastics, our welding capabilities are accomplished through a combination of hand welders and a complete welding system. All of our welding products go through an extensive inspection process to guarantee that industry standards are met and exceeded.

Our Mission: Dedicated to Excellence!

We shall work to continuously improve our capability to provide products and services meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements:

  • Maintaining operating systems and technologies best suited to the emerging needs of our customers while complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.


  • Building an organization that embraces quality as its core value and promotes a customer-focused commitment to excellence and service.